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Published on June 14th, 2019 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


The Best Apple Watch Apps for Freelancers

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If you’re a freelancer with an Apple Watch like me, then you might already know how helpful your wearable can be. But if you’re just starting your freelance career or just bought your first Apple Watch, then you’ll definitely love this list.

Your Apple Watch can be a time-saver and life-saver when doing freelance work. And with this list of the best Apple Watch apps for freelancers, you’ll see why.

Notebook – For Notetaking

Unless you carry a pen and paper wherever you go, a notes app on Apple Watch is a valuable tool. And one of the best ones you can get is Notebook.

Notebook On Apple Watch

Why Notebook for Apple Watch?

  • Sync notes across all devices.
  • Capture notes quickly with either the microphone or scribble.
  • View recently created notes from another device.
  • Delete notes you no longer need.

Notebook has plenty of additional features that go beyond these that are just for Apple Watch. So if you want to use the app on your iPhone or Mac, check out the other features on the App Store that you’ll receive .

Get Notebook: Notebook is available for free on the App Store. It’s designed for iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, and Windows.

TickTick – For Task Management

Creating tasks, seeing what’s on your plate, and marking to-dos complete is part of being a freelancer. TickTick is one of the best task apps you’ll find and it offers tons of flexible features for all devices.

TickTick on Apple Watch

Why TickTick for Apple Watch?

  • Sync tasks across all devices.
  • Add a task fast using the microphone.
  • View all tasks for today, the next seven days, or all those you’ve created.
  • Mark tasks complete with a tap.

Just like Notebook, TickTick has many features you’ll love for task management on all of your devices. And those listed above just for Apple Watch are the essentials you need to manage your to-dos on the go.

Get TickTick: TickTick is available for free on the App Store. It’s designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows, the web, and as a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome.

Timelines Time Tracking – For Time Management

Whether you need to track your time for invoicing or just for your own time management, there’s no easier way than right from your wrist. Timelines is a super time tracking app that will keep you on target.

Timelines on Apple Watch

Why Timelines for Apple Watch?

  • Start a timer for any project.
  • Name the timer with dictation and add notes.
  • Launch the app with a tap using the complication.
  • Change the start time or stop and change the end time.

Timelines really is an excellent time tracking tool. Its list of features for iPhone, in addition to these for Apple Watch, is lengthy, impressive, and makes the app worth the money.

Get Timelines: Timelines is available for $7.99 on the App Store and is designed for iPhone and Apple Watch. Yes, this app is a bit on the pricey side. But once you see all of the features it offers including interactive charts of your time spent, multiple projects and timers, export to PDF and CSV, reminders, a Today Widget, and more, you’ll understand why.

Spark – For Email

Keeping up with your important emails is a big part of any job, especially freelancing. And while there’s nothing wrong with the default Mail app, Spark just brings more to the table. Plus, if you already use it on iOS or Mac, then it just makes sense to install it on Apple Watch too.

Spark on Apple Watch

Why Spark for Apple Watch?

  • View email counts in your inbox, notifications, news, seen, and pinned.
  • Take action on emails by replying, snoozing, archiving, or deleting.
  • Reply to emails using the microphone, scribble, emojis, or quick replies.
  • Use Force Touch to mark all emails as read.

Spark has a terrific number of features that make it a superb app for managing your inbox and more.

Get Spark: Spark is available for free on the App Store. It’s designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Android.

Are You Going to Grab These Apple Watch Apps for Freelancers?

You might already use one or more of these awesome apps for freelancers on your Apple Watch, but if not, which will you download and use? If you have a different Apple Watch app that you find essential as a freelancer, please let us know!

You can leave a comment below, head to our contact page, or visit us on Twitter.

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