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Published on May 23rd, 2020 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


How to Easily Share Voice Memos on Mac and iOS

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The Voice Memos app on Mac and iOS is a terrific tool for capturing spoken notes rather than written ones. Along with that, you can use the app to record business meetings, interviews, and similar types of conversations.

So if you use Voice Memos and want a way to share those recordings, maybe with your boss, team, or coworkers, it’s super easy and here’s how.

Share Voice Memos on Mac

Open the Voice Memos app on your Mac and then follow these simple steps to share a recording.

  1. Select the recording you want to share.
  2. Either right-click and pick Share or use the Share button on the top right of the window.
  3. Choose your sharing option and follow the prompts.
Share Voice Memos Mac

Share Voice Memos on Mac

Your recipient can then open the recording and listen or save it depending on the app they use to open it.

Share Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad

To share a recording in Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad, open the app and then do the following.

  1. Tap the recording from the list.
  2. Tap More (three dots) on the left corner of the recording.
  3. Select Share, pick your sharing options, and follow the prompts to send the recording.
Share Voice Memos iPhone

Share Voice Memos on iPhone

Like sending the recording from Mac, your recipient can listen to it immediately or save it for later.

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Sharing a recording from the Voice Memos app is terrific for business. Whether an interview, seminar, conference, or meeting, you can give others your notes with a few clicks or taps.

Sharing recordings from Voice Memos can be handy for more than just business though. You can record a shopping list, honey-do list, reminder, or something else for your spouse, child, or friend.

Voice Memos is a default Apple app installed on your Mac and iOS device. Although you cannot remove it from Mac, If you’ve deleted it from iPhone or iPad and want it back, just head to the App Store and redownload it for free. And remember, you can use Voice Memos on your Apple Watch too!

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