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How to Set or Change Your Home Address on Google Maps

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Setting your home address in Google Maps gives you a quick way to get directions to any location. Without manually entering your address or enabling your location, you can just select your home address and go.

We’ll show you how to set and change your home address in the Google Maps mobile app and on the website. We’ll also explain how to adjust the home address in your account for additional Google services.

Your Home Address in Google Maps on Mobile

If you’re already using it to get directions or find business details, it might be easiest for you to change your Home address in the Google Maps mobile app.

Open the Google Maps app on your mobile device and follow the steps below to set or change your home address.

Set the Address

The quickest way to add your home address is using the Directions option.

  1. On the main Google Maps screen, tap the Directions button on the lower right.
  2. Tap Home  to set the location.
  3. Enter your address in the box at the top or choose it on a map or from Contacts.
  4. Tap Done.
Set a Home address in the Google Maps mobile app

Change the Address

You can edit your home address in a just a few taps in the mobile app.

  1. Select the Saved tab.
  2. Choose Labeled.
  3. Tap the three dots beside your address and pick Edit home.
  4. Enter or choose your address and tap Done.
Change a Home address in the Google Maps mobile app

Your Home Address in Google Maps on the Web

If you’re using the Google Maps website, you can add or edit your Home address a couple of different ways. Head to Google Maps and sign in with your Google account to get started.

Set the Address Using the Menu

One way to add your Home address uses the Google Maps menu.

  1. If you show the sidebar, select Saved. If not, click the Menu icon on the top left and pick Saved.
Saved in the Google Maps menu
  1. Go to the Labeled tab and choose Home to set your home address.
Home in the Labeled section of Google Maps
  1. Enter your address in the pop-up window and pick Save.
Enter and Save a Home address on Google Maps

Unlike the mobile app, you cannot currently edit your Home address using this menu. Instead, you can select the three dots on the right, pick Remove address, and then enter your edited address. 

Remove Address in the three dot menu

Alternatively, follow the steps directly below for using directions or in the last section for your Google account.

Set or Change the Address Using Directions

You can also both set and change your Home address on the Google Maps site when you get directions to a location or using the Directions button.

  1. If you’re viewing a location, select the Directions option. Otherwise, click the Directions button on the right side of the Search box.
Directions button the Google Maps Search box
  1. In the Starting Point field, type “Home” and do one of the following:
  • If you don’t have an address set yet, pick Set location.
Set Location for the Home address
  • If you have an address set and want to change it, pick Edit.
Edit for the Home address
  1. Enter your Home address in the pop-up box and choose Save.
Enter and Save a Home address on Google Maps

Set or Change the Home Address for Your Google Account

Along with setting or changing your Home address using the Google Maps app itself, you can change it in your Google account. This is handy if you happen to be using a different Google app at the time.

  1. Select your Google profile icon on the top right, whether in a mobile app or on a Google site, and pick Manage Your Account. You can also head to the Google account page and sign in.
Manage Your Account in the Profile menu
  1. Choose Personal Info on the top or left.
  2. Move down to Addresses and pick Home.
Home in a Google account Address list
  1. Enter or edit your home address and select Save.
Enter or edit a Home address in a Google account

Whether you want to add your home address for the first time or update your existing address, it’s easy to do in Google Maps. Do you plan to store your home address in Google Maps to make getting directions quicker? Let us know!

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