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Published on June 30th, 2018 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


Picniic Family Organizer App Review

Picniic Family Organizer App Review Sandy Writtenhouse

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Everyone is so busy these days that it can be hard to keep it all together. And, when you have a family to organize, it can get even tougher. From doctor’s appointments and soccer practices to meal planning and grocery shopping, any bit of help can turn out to be a huge help.

The Picniic Family Organizer seeks to solve this problem and become your family assistant.

What can Picniic do for your family? How easy is it to use? How much does it cost? And finally, is it worth your time? We have all of these answers and more in this app review for the Picniic Family Organizer.

Picniic Assistant for Picniic Review

What is Picniic?

Basically, the Picniic Family Organizer is an application that does what it’s name implies – to help you organize your family. Within one spot, you and your family can see and organize chores, activities, events, and more.

Key features of Picniic include:

  • Meal planning
  • Custom recipe storage
  • Lists for tasks and chores that you can assign
  • A shared calendar
  • Tracking for birthdays and anniversaries
  • A family news feed
  • A real-time family locator
  • Sharing of family photos

Is Picniic Easy to Use?

With any app that’s purpose is to help you organize parts of your life, being easy to use is one of the most important elements. Cumbersome or complicated apps usually turn out to be more trouble than their worth. So, how does Picniic measure up?

Main Screen

Picniic has a colorful yet clean main page. All family items are organized into boxes, forming an easy-to-read grid. Tapping on one of the boxes takes you right where you want to go whether it’s the calendar, shopping list, special events, or another section, the app makes it simple.

Picniic Main for Picniic Review

Individual Sections

Of course, each section is going to work a little differently. For instance, adding events to the calendar isn’t going to work the same way as uploading family photos. So, after testing each section, here’s a summary of what we found.

  • To-Do & Lists: Easy to add, mark complete, share, and repeat
  • Family Photos: Simple upload process, sharing, and deleting
  • Shopping List: Can add a store and products easily, choose an aisle, and send family reminder
  • Info Locker: Currently a paid plan feature, untested
  • Meal Planner: Currently a paid plan feature, untested
  • Calendar: Day and month views, calendar connecting, easy to add events and reminders
  • Circles: Simple sharing for those outside the family unit
  • Recipes: Many to choose from, save those to try, and add your own.
  • Family Locator: Currently a paid plan feature, untested
  • Special Events: Currently a paid plan feature, untested

Picniic Sections for Picniic Review

Out of the above sections, four of them are only available with a paid plan. While it’s pretty common for apps to offer special features with a premium version or in-app purchase, it’s still disappointing that the Meal Planner and Special Events are not free. These are simple sections that most families would like.

How Much Does Picniic Cost?

Picniic is free and as mentioned, offers an upgrade for additional features.

You can choose from monthly, yearly, or lifetime plans. Keep in mind that prices can change, but currently the plans are about $15 per month, $50 per year, and $250 for a lifetime plan.

Picniic is available for iPhone as well as Android. Plus, you can visit their website for further details, FAQs, and to sign up.

Is Picniic Worth Your Time?

The simple answer is yes. Even though some features are only available with a paid plan, those that you receive free are still terrific for any family.

For the to-dos, shopping list, and calendar features alone, Picniic is very useful. The photo area and recipe section are great bonuses. Plus, if you really want those extra features and are willing to pay, then you will have a complete package for family organization.


This is NOT a paid review or promotion. The content of this review is the sole opinion of the author for the Tech Review Ninjas team.

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  1. Lori says:

    I was shocked to see your review from June 2018 had the app price of $50.00 per year- and today Oct. 2018 it is $99.99 per year!!

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