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Published on February 5th, 2024 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


The Best Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Apple Mail

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Whether you’re new to the Mail app on Mac or simply trying to speed up your activities with it, keyboard shortcuts can help. With just the press of a key combination, you can reply to an email, move one to Junk, hide the sidebar, and more.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Mail

Composing and Sending Emails

Compose a new emailCommand + N
Reply to an emailCommand + R
Reply All to an emailShift + Command + R
Forward an email  Shift + Command + F
Redirect an emailShift + Command + E
Send an emailShift + Command + D
Unsend an emailCommand + Z

Displaying Fields

Display the Bcc fieldOption + Command + B
Display the Reply-To fieldOption + Command + R

Note: There isn’t currently a keyboard shortcut to display the CC field. Select View > Cc Address Field in the menu bar.

Marking and Moving Emails

Flag selected emailsShift + Command + L
Mark selected emails as readShift + Command + U
Mark all emails as readShift + Command + R
Move selected emails to JunkShift + Command + J
Move selected emails to ArchivesControl + Command + A

Miscellaneous Email Actions

Get new emailsShift + Command + N
Open an emailCommand + O (letter “O”)
Delete Junk emailsOption + Command + J

Navigating Mailboxes

Move to next mailbox Control + Command + ] (right bracket)
Move to previous mailbox Control + Command + [ (left bracket)

Controlling Mail

Open a new Mail windowOption + Command + N
Open a new Mail tabOption + Shift + Command + N
Hide/Unhide the Mail sidebarControl + Command + S
Hide/Unhide the Mail toolbarOption + Command + T
Minimize the Mail windowCommand + M
Show the Mail windowCommand + 0 (zero)
Close all Mail windowsOption + Command + W
Quit MailCommand + Q

How to Find Additional Keyboard Shortcuts for Mail

Because it can be difficult to remember a long list of shortcuts, you probably have those you use most at the forefront of your mind. If you want to see whether a Mail action has a keyboard shortcut you want to remember, just look to the menu bar.

With a mailbox or email selected or open in Mail, choose the main action in the menu bar. You have File, Edit, View, Mailbox, Message, and Format along with standard macOS menus for Window and Help.

Menu bar options for Mail on Mac

You’ll then see the keyboard shortcut to the right of the command. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see the shortcuts for actions in the Edit menu like Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and more.

Edit menu for Mail on Mac

Keep in mind that if an action and its corresponding keyboard shortcut are grayed out, then they’re unavailable at the time. For instance, you can’t use Paste if there’s nothing on your clipboard.

Apple provides the following legend for understanding the key symbols you see for shortcuts in the menus.

Apple Keyboard Symbols

Keyboard shortcuts for Mail on macOS can speed up processing emails and navigating the app. What do you think about using shortcuts? Do you find they make it easier to get things done? Let us know!

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