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Published on May 28th, 2020 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


IntroDUCKtion to Very, Very Big Feelings Helps Your Child Identify Their Emotions

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During a time when everyone is stuck at home, kids can not only get bored faster and easier, but also experience some new emotions. An app called IntroDUCKtion to Very, Very Big Feelings is here to help you and your child identify with those emotions.

IntroDUCKtion Pond iPad - Apps for child emotion

IntroDUCKtion pond

How IntroDUCKtion to Very, Very Big Feelings Works

IntroDUCKtion to Very, Very Big Feelings offers a cute pond full of ducks that have a variety of feelings. You and your child can begin by watching the video with narration that explains what’s happening with the ducks.

In addition to the video with narration is a video without it and an interactive way to walk through the story in a book-style.

At the end of the story, you and your child will see feelings spread around the pond. Tap each one to read and hear an explanation of the emotion. These range from angry and frustrated to happy and excited.

IntroDUCKtion Feeling Pond iPad - Apps for Child emotion

IntroDUCKtion pond of feelings

There’s a helpful guide for parents and professions that gives tips on helping your child handle their emotions and feelings.

IntroDUCKtion Guide iPad

IntroDUCKtion guide for parents and professionals

IntroDUCKtion to Very, Very Big Feelings was written by Claudia Kohner, Ph.D. and illustrated by Casey Cochran.

What Makes IntroDUCKtion Special

There are plenty of wonderful educational apps for children available for iOS. But very few offer such simple and clear ways to help your little one explore, identify, and know how to handle what they’re feeling.

During this time of a pandemic, feelings of frustration, disappointment, and anger can easily take over all of us, and children are no different. But with apps like this one and parents who care, we can help our children as well as ourselves identify with strong emotions.

Get IntroDUCKtion to Very, Very Big Feelings

IntroDUCKtion to Very, Very Big Feelings is available for free on the App Store and is designed for iPhone and iPad.

If you plan to check out the app for your child, let us know in the comments below! You can also visit us on Twitter or Facebook.

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