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Published on February 26th, 2024 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


How to Find File and Photo Sizes on iPhone and iPad

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When you store files and photos on a mobile device, you have to be careful that they don’t decrease too much of your available storage space. While photos are normally the bigger storage hogs, file sizes can be important if you’re sharing a document with others.

We’ll show you how to find the sizes of both files and photos on your iPhone and iPad.

Find a File Size on iPhone and iPad

To see how large a file is on your device, open the Files app and follow the below steps to see its size.

  1. On the Files Browse screen, navigate to the spot containing the document or other file. 
  1. Most times, you can see the size directly below the name of the file.
  1. If this size is out of view, long-press (tap and hold) the file and choose Get Info.
  1. You’ll then see the size below the file name at the top as well as next to Size in the Information section of the pop-up screen.
Size of a document in Files on iPhone

Find a Photo Size on iPhone and iPad

Finding the size of a picture on your iPhone or iPad is just as easy. If the image is in the Files app, you can simply follow the steps above. If it’s in the Photos app, follow the steps below instead.

  1. With Photos open, navigate to the picture and select it to open it in full view.
  1. Tap the Info icon (small letter “i”) in the toolbar at the bottom on iPhone or top right on iPad.
  1. You’ll then see the size in the section with the camera details and image dimensions.
  1. You can tap the Info icon again to close the information pop-up screen.
Size of a picture in Photos on iPad

While it might seem like a simple thing, finding the size of a file or photo on iPhone and iPad isn’t that obvious. If you’d like to do the same on your desktop, look at how to find file, folder, and photo sizes on Mac too.

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