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Published on February 23rd, 2024 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


How to Find File, Folder, and Photo Sizes on Mac

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Whether you need to send a file, folder, or photo to someone or are keeping an eye on your storage space, you may be wondering how to find the sizes of these types of items on macOS. You might be new to Mac or have simply never had to see a size in the past and aren’t sure how.

With a few different options, we’ll walk you through finding the size of a file, folder, or photo on your Mac. 

Find a File Size on Mac

Maybe you need to share a file with a coworker or email it to a client. Different file types carry different sizes, and those sizes can depend on the length of the document, if it contains media, and other factors. Here are a few ways to check the size of your file on Mac.

Files in Finder

Probably the easiest way to see a file’s size is using Finder. 

Locate the file in Finder and do one of the following:

Display the Size column. Right-click a column heading and mark the Size option. You’ll then see the column with the sizes of the items in the folder.

Size column in Finder

Display the Preview sidebar on the right of the Finder window. With Finder active, select View > Show Preview. Choose your file and you’ll see the size below its name.

Preview sidebar in Finder with file size

Display the Get Info box. Right-click the file and choose Get Info. You’ll see the file size in the General section at the top of the box. Note that you may have to expand General using the arrow to the left.

Info box for a file size

Files in the Preview App

If you open a file in the Preview app, such as a PDF, viewing the size is a breeze.

Select the Inspector button in the top toolbar or using Tools > Show Inspector in the menu bar. Go to the General Infotab which is the first one on the left. You’ll see the File size in the top section.

File size in the Preview Inspector box

Find a Folder Size on Mac

You might want to share a folder with someone or just want to decrease the sizes of items on Mac to regain storage space. Like files, the sizes of folders depend on their contents, whether simple text files or media like videos. Let’s look at ways to view folder size on Mac.

Like seeing the size of a file in Finder’s Preview, you can do the same for a folder. Make sure the Preview sidebar is shown, select the folder, and you’ll see the folder size below its name on the right.

Preview sidebar in Finder with folder size

You can also use the Get Info box to see a folder size on Mac. Right-click the folder, choose Get Info, and you’ll see its size in the General section at the top of the box.

Info box for a folder size

Find a Photo Size on Mac

Sending and sharing photos is common these days, for both business and personal situations. As you probably know, images can be quite large, but again, this depends on the format, dimensions, resolution, and more. Look at these ways to check the size of a photo on Mac.

Pictures in Finder

If the photo is saved to your Mac, such as in the Pictures folder, you can use the Finder Size column, Finder’s Previewsidebar, the Preview app, and Get Info options described above. These methods display the image size just like a document file.

Preview sidebar and size column in Finder with picture size

Pictures in the Photos App

If the photo is in the Photos app, select it and do one of the following:

  • Click the Info button (small letter “i”) in the top toolbar.
  • Right-click it and pick Get Info.
  • Choose Window > Info in the menu bar.
Info button for a picture in Photos

In the box that displays, you’ll see the size in the middle section.

Info box for a photo size

Once you see the size of your file, folder, or photo using these simple methods, you can take necessary steps to decrease that size as needed.

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