How-To Clock font customization on an iPhone Lock Screen

Published on January 23rd, 2024 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


How to Change the Clock Font on Your iPhone Lock Screen

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If you’ve ever used an Android phone or been envious of Android users who have so many screen customizations, know that Apple has been trying to bring more options to iPhone.

With the release of iOS 16, Apple introduced new Lock Screen features allowing you to create a custom wallpaper, add widgets, and as we’ll describe here, change the font for the clock.

How to Change the Lock Screen Clock Font

What’s nice about the option to change the font for the Lock Screen clock is that you have good flexibility. You can choose a font style, adjust the thickness, and pick a color to complement your wallpaper.

If you’re ready to bring a bit of style and pizzazz to the clock, access your Lock Screen and follow these steps:

  1. When the Lock Screen displays, long-press (tap and hold) it until you see the Lock Screen options.
  1. Swipe to the Lock Screen you want to change, and tap Customize below it.
  1. Pick the Lock Screen option on the left of the Customize Wallpaper screen.
Customize button for an iPhone Lock Screen
  1. Long-press the clock and you’ll see the Font & Color tool appear at the bottom.
  1. You’ll see about a half dozen font styles to pick from along with a slider to adjust the thickness of the fonts (solid lines only). Tap the style you want to use.
Font & Color tool
  1. You can then choose a color for the font directly beneath and use the slider to adjust the intensity or brightness (solid colors only).
Font color tool

Tip: To select a custom color, scroll all the way to the right of the color row and tap the colorful palette icon. You can then use the GridSpectrum, and Sliders tabs to pick the color. You can also tap the eye dropper icon to select a color from the wallpaper for the perfect color match.

Custom color tool
  1. Tap the X to close the color tool when you’re done, and you’ll return to the main Font & Color window.
  1. If you’d like to change the numbers for the clock, use the globe icon to pick from Arabic, Arabic Indic, or another option.
Globe icon to change the number format
  1. Tap the X to close the Font & Color window when you finish customizing the clock.
  1. You can then make further changes to your Lock Screen or simply tap Done on the top right.

Tap the Lock Screen to make it the current one and check out the new look for your clock!

X, Done, and new Lock Screen

While this may not be leaps and bounds above the previous Lock Screen options on iPhone or what’s available on Android, it certainly is a step in the right direction. What do you think? Are you happy to see this customization or were you hoping for something more? Let us know!

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