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Published on February 28th, 2024 | by Sandy Writtenhouse


How to Archive and See Archived Orders on Amazon

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If you want to clear out old orders from your history to make searches easier or even keep some purchases hidden, you can archive orders on Amazon. 

When you archive an order, this removes it from your history without deleting it, and you can still view an archived order or unarchive it if needed.

How to Archive an Order on Amazon

As of this writing, you can only archive an order on the Amazon website, not in the mobile app, and you can archive up to 500 orders.

  1. Visit and sign in.
  2. Access your orders by selecting Accounts & Lists > Orders or Returns & Orders on the top right.
Open Orders from the menu on Amazon
  1. Do one of the following to archive one of your orders:
  • To archive from the Your Orders list, select Archive order in the lower left corner of the order.
Archive Order on the Amazon Orders page
  • To archive from the details screen, select View order details and then Archive order.
Archive Order on the Amazon order details page
  1. Confirm that you want to archive the order by choosing Archive order.
Archive Order confirmation

You’ll then be redirected to Your Orders, can see a confirmation of the archive, and notice the purchase removed from your orders list and history.

Order Archived message on Amazon

How to See Archived Orders on Amazon

If you want to view an archived order or even unarchive it to place it back in your history, you have two ways to see your archived orders on Amazon.

From the Order History

  1. Access your Amazon orders as described above and make sure you’re on the Orders tab.
  2. Open the timeframe drop-down list to the right of X orders placed in.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list of dates and choose Archived Orders.
Choose Archived Orders in the timeframe dropdown list

From Your Account

  1. Access the Your Account screen by selecting Account & Lists > Account on the top right.
Open Account in the Amazon menu
  1. Select Archived orders.
Archived Orders on the Account page

You’ll then see a list of archived orders in the same format as your current ones.

How to Unarchive an Amazon Order

You can place an archived Amazon order back into your history if you want to make it visible and searchable again.

  1. Access your Archived Orders as described above.
  2. Select Unarchive order in the lower left corner of the purchase.
Unarchive Order on Amazon

You’ll then be returned to Your Orders, can see a confirmation of the unarchive, and then view the purchase again in your orders list and history.

Order Unarchived message on Amazon

If you’ve been an Amazon shopper for many years and/or have purchased items like household supplies or personal care products, it’s likely you don’t need all orders viewable in your history. By archiving those you no longer need, you can clear your history and more easily see those important purchases.

Will you take a minute to archive old orders on Amazon? Let us know!

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